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The Practical Foundations of BIM module provides students with knowledge and practical skills in the use and development of BIM in the construction industry. The theory of BIM as it applies to the construction industry both within Singapore and global. Students will understand the importance of BIM to projects. Alongside the theory, students will gain practical skills in the 4 foundational uses of BIM; Model Creation, Documentation Output, 3D Coordination and Visual Communication (using model visuals to communicate project information). Students completing this module will be able to demonstrate ability to produce BIM output for these 4 core BIM uses. The curriculum provides the latest in global learning on the use of BIM and practical components utilize up to date BIM technologies. In this course, you will acquire the skills do deliver BIM in a real project environment and see case studies on how these components have provided value to projects in Singapore and around the world.

The objectives of this course are:
• To provide an understanding of BIM processes and benefits
• To equip participants the practical 3D BIM Architectural Modelling skills and technical knowledge to start and support a project using BIM.
• To enable participants to be familiar with the e–submission template guideline

12 Topics:

1. Practical Introduction to BIM
2. Developing Models in a BIM Environment 1 (Revit 1)
3. Developing Models in a BIM Environment 2 (Revit 2)
4. Discipline Modelling Elective 1 (Revit 3)
5. Discipline Modelling Elective 1 (Revit 3)
6. Working with Model Data
7. Developing Drawings and Documents 1
8. Developing Drawings and Documents 2
9. Building Model Content 1 (Revit Library 1)
10. Building Model Content 2 (Revit Library 2)
11. Working with Federated Models
12. Core 3D Coordination

4 Days Course Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm


4 Sunday class from 9am to 5pm

Certificate of completion awarded by UNIBiM Services

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