Our Premises and Facilities

Our Premises and Facilities

Our Premises

Our school is located at City Hall, a centralised area full of culture, history and with a great view! It is a 5-min walk away from the City Hall train station. With such convenience, Coleman College is a college that is truly conducive for learning and exploring Singapore. Coleman occupies the following premises.


Address of Premises

(sq. meter)



1 Coleman Street, #04-37, The Adelphi, Singapore 179803

197.0 Office and Classroom

There are a total of 5 fully-facilitated training rooms.

Students get free access to Wi-Fi which enables them to connect to useful online learning resources and to communicate with friends and relatives overseas.

International students will find Coleman College a home away from home. Around the school are numerous amenities that are within walking distance for the students. These amenities range from food outlets to convenience stores, from clinics to supermarkets. For the convenience of those who drive, there is ample parking space in the building and within the vicinity.

Facilities that the college provides for students to enrich their educational experience include:

  • Water dispenser
  • Wireless Internet connection
  • Health promotion programmes
  • Financial assistance scheme

Classroom Facilities

1 Coleman Street, #04-37, The Adelphi, Singapore 179803
Classroom No. Floor Area
(Square meters)

Maximum Capacity
(No. of Pax)

1 20.3 13
2 30.2 20
3 21.6 14
4 27.1 18
5 27.4 18