Diploma in International Business Management (Chinese)

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Title of Course 课程标题

Diploma in International Business Management (Chinese) 国际商务管理大专文凭 (中文授课)

Overview 概括

The Diploma in International Business Management course, conducted in the Chinese language, equips student with the knowledge to comprehend basic principles of accounting, economic, marketing, human resource management, providing them the ability to apply this knowledge to various roles in organizations.


Objective 课程宗旨

At the end of the course, students are expected to 完成课程后,学生将学会:

  • Understand, analyze, and formulate marketing strategies 理解,分析和制定营销策略
  • Understand the structure and various management level of an organization 了解组织的结构和组织中的各级管理
  • Prepare simple set of accounts for an organization 为组织准备一组简单的帐户
  • Understand the process behind the management of a project and be able to do costing and budgeting for a project 了解项目管理背后的过程,并能够为项目进行成本核算和编制预算案
  • Understand and able to manage pay structure of staff, the benefits entitlement of a staff and to come up with appropriate job description for the recruitment of staff 了解并能够管理员工的薪酬结构,员工的福利待遇,并为招聘员工提出适当的职位描述
  • Understand the various methods to generate new ideas and get funding for ideas generated 了解用不同方法来产生新构想来筹划资金

Course Structure 课程结构

Course Outline 课程大纲

This programme consists of 6 modules 此课程概括六个单元:

  • Marketing 市场营销
  • Management Studies 管理学
  • Accounting 财务会计
  • Project Management 项目管理
  • Human Resource Management 人力资源管理
  • Entrepreneurship 创业学

Module Synopsis/Objectives 各单元大纲

Marketing 市场营销

The unit covers marketing concepts, understanding and analyzing consumer market and formulation of marketing strategies.

Learners will learn how to familiarize themselves with the marketing environment, analyze the consumer market and strategies to achieve their marketing goals.

该单元涵盖营销概念,了解和分析消费者市场以及制定营销策略。 学员将学习如何熟悉营销环境,分析消费者市场和策略来实现营销目标。

Management Studies 管理学

The unit covers the design and structure of an organization, as well as the study of the difference between the traditional management structure and the present day management structure.

Learners will understand more about the quality of management, the different models of management and the structure of an organization.


Accounting 财务会计

The unit covers the basic accounting concepts needed in a corporate environment. Learners will learn how to prepare and analyze accounting documents.


Project Management 项目管理

The unit covers the theory and concept behind project management. Learners will understand the processes and thoughts of the Management for a project which will also include the costing and budgeting.


Human Resource Management 人力资源管理

The unit covers the concepts behind the definition of a job description, the principles of recruitment as well as the process for developing a training program for staff.

Learners will also learn how to manage the pay structure of staff which will include the basic salary, commissions, bonus as well as the staff’s benefits.


Entrepreneurship 创业学

The unit covers the characteristics of entrepreneurship, the generation of new ideas, creative problem solving and the process for a new product from conception to actualization.

Learners will also learn the various methods to generate new ideas as well as the various ways to get funding for the ideas generated.



Scope of Study 研习范围

Principles, theories and cases studies related to business 与商务相关的原理,理论和案例研究

Delivery Mode 教学方式

Lectures, Tutorials, Discussions, etc 讲师授课、个别指导、讨论等。

Commencement Dates / Intakes 开课日期 /入学时间

To view dates of Intakes, please click here   要查看开课日期,请点击此处

Course Duration 课程时长

The course duration is 12 months of institutional training – Part-time OR 6 months of institutional training – Full time 全日制课程(full-time) 为期6 个月, 兼职课程 (part-time) 为期12个月。

Maximum allowable period for the student to complete the course is 24 months for part time and 12 months for full time 完成课程宽限期为12个月 (全日制课程) 及24个月(兼职课程)。

Class Period 每课堂时限

Part Time (12 month course)  兼职课程(十二个月)

Thursday and Sunday 周四及周日

3 contact hours per session 每堂课三小时

2 sessions per week 每周两堂课

6 contact hours per week 每周上课六小时


Full Time (6 month course) 全日制课程(六个月)

Monday to Friday 周一至周五

3 contact hours per session 每堂课三小时

5 sessions per week 每周五堂课

15 contact hours per week 每周上课十五小时

Course Fees

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To view course fees (part-time), please click here. 查看课程费用(兼职课程),请点击此处。

Payment Mode 付款方式

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The 3 (three) types of fees chargeable by Coleman College are Application Fee, Course Fee and Miscellaneous Fee. 科文学院将征收三项费用,报名费、课程费及杂费。

  1. Application Fee 报名费             Course Fee 课程费             3. Miscellaneous Fee 杂费

1. Application Fee 

Application Fee is non-refundable and will not be protected under the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS). 报名费用不予退还,不受“费用保障计划”(FPS)的保护。

Payment modes 付款方式: Cash, Cheque, Telegraphic transfer, Bank draft, 现金,支票,电汇,银行汇票,Payable to:   Coleman College Pte Ltd. 收款人请支付给:Coleman College Pte Ltd.  Collection Hours 收款时间

Monday to Friday:      8.00 am to 6.00 pm 周一至周五 8am – 6pm

Saturday & Sunday:   9.00am to 3.00 pm 周六及周日 9am – 3pm

Late Payment Charges 逾期缴费费用

Students are required to make payment of their course fees on-time as stated in the Standard PEI-Student Contract. Coleman College reserve the right to impose late payment charges if payments are not received by the stipulated due dates. 学生必须按照标准PEI-学生合同中所规定的时间按时缴付课程费用。如果逾期未收到款项,科文学院有权征收逾期缴费费用。

Click to view details on Fees Protection Scheme (FPS), please click here. 点击查看费用保护计划(FPS)的详细信息,请点击此处。

For further information or clarification, please call our Student Support Services Officer at +65 6336 3462. 欲了解更多详细解说,请致电我们的学生支援服务职员,电话:+65 6336 3462。

Qualification Award 证书与颁发机构

Diploma in International Business Management (Chinese) awarded by Coleman College 由科文学院颁发国际商务管理大专文凭。

Graduation Requirements 毕业要求

Pass all required assignments and assessments 通过所有必要的作业和评估项目

Assessments 课程评核方式

  • 100% Examination based OR 考试 或
  • Project and Presentation (60% written, 40% presentation) 60%书面作业及40%演讲方式

*Students (both International and local) must achieve an attendance rate of 80% and above in order to qualify for examinations.

Assessment Methods 课程评核方式

No Assessment Type Mark allocation
1. Examination – Depends on Module 100%
2. Project and Presentation 60% written, 40% presentation


Assessment Grading Criteria 评估等级标准

Distinction  卓越       :     >76%

Merit 优等                  :     66% – 75%

Pass  及格                   :     50% – 65%

Fail   不及格               :     <50%

Expected Examination Results Release Date 预计成绩放榜日期

Not more than 3 months from the date of final examination 。从期末考试开始不超过3个月。

Teacher Qualifications 讲师资历

The Council for Private Education (CPE) is duly notified of all the teachers in Coleman College. All teachers have the required qualifications. Please refer to Our Teachers list in the website for more details. 科文学院会呈报的所有教师资历予私立教育委员会(CPE)。所有教师都具备所需的资格。请参阅我们网站上的的教师列表以了解更多详情。

Average Teacher-Student Ratio is 1:40 平均师生比例为一比四十

Please note that the maximum number of students in the classroom is subjected to the maximum allowable seating capacity. 每班学生人数取决于教室所容许的最大座位限额。

Progression Pathway 升学途径

Learners who have successfully completed the Diploma in International Business Management (Chinese) can progress to the Advanced Diploma in International Business Management (Chinese) awarded by Coleman College 考获国际商务管理大专文凭的学员,可继续修读由科文学院所开办的国际商务管理高级大专文凭。

Entry Requirements 最低入学要求

Age 年龄: At least 16 years old 至少16 岁
Academic 学历: Completed High School or GCE ‘O’ Level OR 完成中学课程 或GCE ‘O’ 水准 或

At least 10 years of education OR 至少10年教育 或

Certificate in Business OR equivalent OR 任何商科证书及同等资格 或

Minimum 1 year working experience at a minimum of a supervisory level in related field/industry to waive academic entry requirement 在有关领域至少有一年主管级工作经验可豁免学历要求

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