English Study Tours for International Students

*COVID-19 Advisory: Study Tours are only made available in accordance to the Singapore government’s guidelines and regulatory requirements. *


Thinking about sending your child to study in Singapore?

Why Singapore?

Singapore is well-known for its high-quality education in the region and around the world. Being one of the safest cities in the world, it is safe to roam around at anytime of day and has low-crime rates. This makes it a safe and conducive environment for international students studying abroad.

Being a multi-cultural society, you will get many opportunities to witness and be a part of a society that lives in racial and religious harmony. There are many opportunities for you to interact with people of similar and different cultures that you may never have otherwise encountered.

There are also many expatriates and foreign students living and studying in Singapore so you will still feel some sense of home in this new environment.

English Study Tours for prospective International Students and Parents

Covid-19 Regulation Requirements

Arrange for quarantine or swab tests and get updated on the latest information, and to provide confirmation letter of study tour for Social Visit Pass Application


Education sessions for kids with a focus on English

Interactive Activities

For parents while the kids are attending the education sessions

Entertainment & Sightseeing

For parents and kids to tour around Singapore

Lodging/ Accommodation

Provided for teachers, parents and kids


Arrangements will be made for transport from airport, to classes as well as entertainment and sightseeing venues


All meals are provided

With years of experience in conducting Study Tours for international students from Asia, our customised Study Tour programme will give you an experiential understanding of what it is like to be a student studying and living in Singapore.

Improve your English proficiency in practical everyday experiences, gain exposure and interact with others from diverse cultures and explore some of the sightseeing and entertainment options!

Our programmes are customisable to your needs. We also provide assistance in making all lodging/accommodation and transportation arrangements (from the airport, to classes, sightseeing and entertainment venues) too.

Contact us for more information on how we may customise a Study Tour for you.