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Our General and Conversational English programs at Coleman College are the perfect preparation for students wishing to improve their all-round English language skills at a pace that suits them. With a strong focus on the four core skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking), you could graduate from our courses with real-world English skills that you can use anywhere.

Course Structure

Course Content

Speaking, listening, reading, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary. Textbook based.

Why Take This Course


  • Learning materials, textbooks and language level check
  • Regular one-to-one assessment with teacher
  • Self-study guidance

Our General & Conversational English Courses focus on allowing you to achieve English fluency at a speed that you will feel comfortable with.

The course focuses on the 2 main aspects of language: speaking, listening with a lesser focus on reading, and writing. You’ll also learn vocabulary and some grammar, and how to speak in formal discussions, informal chats, interviews and making friends.

Delivery Mode

Part-time. Student Ratio is 12:1 maximum

Class Period

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Course Fees

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Payment Mode

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For further information or clarification, please contact us at +65 6336 0929.

Entry Requirements

An English Placement Test will be done to assess your level.

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