Transfer Procedure

Transfer Procedure



1. Definition

1.1   “Transfer” means a student changes the course of study but remains as a student of Coleman College. For an approved transfer request, the original student contract shall be terminated and a new contract shall be signed.

1.2   ”Class transfer” means transferring from one class to another within the same course


2. Communication to Students

2.1   All students shall be briefed on the Transfer Policy and Procedure through:

  1. Pre-course Counselling by Course Counsellors
  2. New student orientation by Registry Department

2.2   The details can also be found in the communication channels:

  1. Student Handbook
  2. Coleman College website and
  3. Notice Boards

2.3   Coleman College clearly explains the implication of the status of the Student’s Pass if International students request for transfer to another course within Coleman College


3. Handling Request for Transfer

3.1    Student shall submit their transfer request in writing by completing the Request for change of Course/ Level / Intake of Study (CC-EDT-C4.4.1 FM2).

3.2    Request must be accompanied with valid reason and subject to approval by Academic Director.

3.3    Due to varying fees between courses/classes, the transfer may result in excess or short-fall in fee payment. Any qualified refund of fees based on Refund Policy approved by management shall be refunded to student within 7 working days.

3.4    For student below 18 years old, the legal parent/guardian must also sign the Request for change of course / Level / Intake of Study (CC-EDT-C4.4.1 FM2) form to consent the request.


4. Circumstances in which a transfer application will be granted

4.1     For student below 18 years old, the parent or legal guardian consent is sought through signing the ‘Request for change of course/Level/Intake of Study’ form.

4.2     Student must meet the minimum entry requirements of the new course

4.3     All request for transfer must be approved by the Management


5. Administrative fees for handling ‘Request for Transfer’ 

5.1     For any ‘transfer’, student is required to pay an administrative fee of S$214.00.


6. Conditions for refund of any fee paid

6.1      Coleman Life staff shall determine whether the student qualify for any refund based on the Refund Policy.

6.2      Coleman Life staff shall compute the refund amount in accordance to the Coleman’s Refund Policy. All qualified refund must be approved by management.


7. Time Frame for Assessing and Replying to any request for transfer/withdrawal

7.1      Coleman College shall complete the transfer process within 4 weeks from the date of student’s request to informing the outcome in writing

7.2      Coleman Life staff shall issue a formal letter to the student to reject the application or to process the transfer.


8. Documentation

8.1      Coleman Life staff shall file a copy of the completed ‘Request for Transfer’ in the Student Portfolio File