Withdrawal Procedure

Withdrawal Procedure


Upon receiving student’s request for withdrawal & refund by Coleman College staff, the student will be required to fill in the School Leaving Form (CC-EDT-C4.3.2 FM1) for processing.

For students below the age of 18, must seek approval from the student’s parents/guardians before approving the application.

Coleman College will inform ICA of any change in student’s status that may affect the Student’s Pass issued (e.g. cancellation of student’s pass for withdrawal case, transfer to a course with a shorter duration, etc.).

Coleman College will inform CPE of any change in student’s status every 12 months via updating of student data to CPE.

Coleman College will coordinate with FPS Service Providers for any refund. Refund approved by management shall be refunded to student within 7 working days.

Coleman College will issue past attendance record and marks to students who are enrolling in another course in another PEI, etc via ICA solar.

Coleman College will charge miscellaneous fee if student request for certification letter. Such fees will be set out in the detailed breakdown of fees distributed to students when they register for the respective courses.

Please refer to Schedule C of the Standard PEI-Student Contract.