Withdrawal Procedure

Withdrawal Procedure



1. Definition

1.1    “Withdrawal” means the Standard PEI- Student Contract is terminated and the student is no longer a student of Coleman College.  Specifically, a withdrawal is defined as:

  1. Withdrawal from Coleman College course (incomplete course) and applying to another school in Singapore.
  2. Withdrawal from Coleman College course (incomplete course) and returning to his/ her native country.


2. Communication to Students

2.1    All students shall be briefed on the Withdrawal Policy and Procedure through:

  1. Pre-course Counselling by Course Counsellors
  2. New student orientation by Registry Department


2.2    The details can also be found in the following communication channels:

  1. Student Handbook;
  2. Coleman College website and
  3. Notice boards


2.3    Coleman College clearly explains the implication of the status of the Student’s Pass if International students withdraws from the College or are forced to withdraw from the College (e.g. caught for breaking Singapore’s law)


3. Circumstances in which a withdrawal application will be granted

All request for withdrawal (whichever is applicable) must be approved by the Management


4. Administrative fees for Transfer / Withdrawal

There is no administrative fee is charged for processing request for withdrawal.


5. Conditions for refund of any fee paid

5.1    Coleman Life staff shall determine whether the student qualify for any refund pertaining to the request for transfer.

5.2    Coleman Life staff shall compute the refund amount in accordance to the Coleman’s Refund Policy. All qualified refund must be approved by management.


6. Time Frame for Processing ’Request for Withdrawal’

6.1    Coleman College shall complete the withdrawal process within 4 weeks from the date of submission of the request by student.

6.2    Coleman Life staff shall issue a formal letter to the student to reject the application or to effect the withdrawal.


7. Withdrawal Policy and Procedure

7.1   Withdrawal Policy

  1. Course Withdrawal refers to a student’s request for withdrawal from a course that he/she has been enrolled in or currently studying.
  2. Despite the students having signed the Standard PEI-Student Contract, the Management is prepared to listen and give consideration to genuine cases of withdrawal requested by students.
  3. For students below 18 years old, Coleman shall sought the consent from parent/guardian through signing the School Leaving Form.
  4. Students are liable for overdue fees (if any).
  5. Coleman College’s refund policy shall apply for all qualified refunds.
  6. Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) for the course fee paid will be cancelled.
  7. Coleman College will take a maximum of 4 weeks to complete the course withdrawal process.


For STP Holder

Student’s Pass holder is required to submit his/her passport and Student’s Pass to Coleman College for cancelation of Student’s Pass with ICA.


7.2    Withdrawal Procedure

  1. Upon receiving student’s request for withdrawal & refund by Coleman College staff, the student will be required to fill in the School Leaving Form (CC-EDT-C4.3.1 FM1) for processing.
  2. For students below the age of 18, must seek approval from the students’ parents/guardians before approving the application.
  3. In complying with the CPE’s Fee Protection Monitoring Application (FPMA) System, Coleman College shall submit ‘Coleman College – Student FPS Data Sheet’ as per CPE’s format to CPE on a yearly basis.
  4. Coleman College will coordinate with FPS Service Providers for any refund. Refund approved by management shall be refunded to student within 7 working days.
  5. Coleman College will issue past attendance record and marks to students who are enrolling in another course in another PEI, etc. via ICA solar.
  6. Coleman College shall charge a miscellaneous fee if student request for miscellaneous items as set out in Schedule C of the Standard PEI-Student Contract.