Holistic Lessons

Holistic Lessons

Term 4 Oct to Dec 2018

Week 2 : A Visit to the National Library
• Understand how the library functions : various sections, labeling of books, various genres , technology adopted in the library system.
• Do a book review.


Primary school students engrossed in reading books they found for their book reviews.

A student who discovered an interesting book to read.

Secondary student searching for information via the catalogue.

Student appreciating the technology adopted by the libraries in Singapore
 Week 4 : Heartlands Exploration@Tiong Bahru

Students learning to read the menus in a local hawker stall

Students having a taste of different local delights available at one of Singapore’s most popular heartlands.

Students enjoying a local dessert, Ice kachang. Many were trying it for the first time.

Posing at life-like and impressive wall murals at the back alleys of Tiong Bahru. Children learnt the history and culture of Singaporean culture from the wall murals.
Week 5 : Scrapbook of Heartlands Exploration@Tiong Bahru

Creation of Sec 1s and 2s

Production of lower and upper primary students

Food review by the lower secondary cohort

A simple yet honest review by the primary students
 Week 8 : A Hand at Baking  

Students learning to follow hygiene rules in a kitchen, read recipes , follow instructions , use appropriate baking equipment, measure accurately and cooperate in a team to produce a finished product

Samples of students’ finished product of cookies

Secondary students sifting flour like a professional after

Students applying their creativity into baking artisan cookies
 Week 10 : Hort Park – Discovering Nature 

Primary students enjoying a swinging discovery within the park.

Learning another type of gardening the hydroponics way.

Students introduced to Alexandra Arch which leads to the Southern Ridges or the HortPark

Students awed and curious by the banana flower , a sight rarely seen.
 Week 11 : Bowling Time

Students learning how to bowl and keep score.

Students putting what they have learnt into motion : physics of motion into knocking the pins down.

IGCSE students learning the game for the very first time. It was an enriching experience for them.

Secondary students posing at the bowling centre. Everyone was satisfied in picking a new game and learning to work as a team despite being from different countries.

Scoreboard for the day